urnAccessorising your home can mean the difference between a home that looks very bland, cluttered and uninviting compared to a home that has flow, warmth and feeling combined with that WOW factor. At Smart Home Styling we can supply and style artwork, cushions, lamps, bedding and accessories that will transform your home from plain to simply stunning. All at a very cost effective price.


Do you have an empty property that you wish to sell for the highest price possible. It is a common fact that a house that has been professionally styled and has feeling is much more appealing to buyers than empty rooms. Statistics show that 95% of people are unable to see the potential in a property and this is where Smart Home Styling can work wonders for you and your bank account!!! Smart Home Styling can transform your empty property by providing furniture, artwork, cushions, bedding, lamps, etc to create a home with that absolute wow factor.


Lilly PondHave your tenants just vacated your property and you are wanting to increase your rental income. Smart Home Styling can help you to create a rental property that will rent quickly as well as for more money.


Many holiday rentals end up looking very tired and dull due to constant wear and tear. With some simple and very often inexpensive minor changes to your property you can increase your rental charge and occupancy often quite dramatically. Let Smart Home Styling put more money into your pocket.


budha with orange flowerThis service is for those who are happy where they live but would like to enhance their environment and need help to achieve the desired result. At Smart Home Styling we can create the home you dream of at a fraction of the cost of an Interior Designer. Many clients who have had their home styled for sale have commented on how much they love the new look and wished they had done it earlier while living in their home. If you are moving to another house Smart Home Styling can help you to set up your new home with the style and flair that you are dreaming of at a very affordable price.


Our furniture hire is supplied by Vast Interior who excel at specialising in hand-crafted quality timber furniture & inspired cultural homewares. Created by hand, eye and heart their designs are as beautiful as the environment and will give your home that wow factor. They use sustainable, renewable and recycled materials for 90% of their ranges.

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